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About The Sewing Machine Shop

Montavilla Sewing Centers, in 1950s

Our story began shortly after World War II came to an end.

During the post-war economic expansion Ed Moore opened his first retail sewing machine shop in Portland, OR. Since that day in 1949, the family-owned business – Montavilla Sewing Centers – has become much more than a place to buy a great sewing machine.

Now with four physical locations, Montavilla has become a regular part of life for sewers in the Portland area. Not only do they sell the best sewing machines in the industry, but their factory-trained and certified technicians service sewing machines of all kinds. They have taken customer service to an entirely new level by offering classes and clubs for sewers of every skill level, from amateur to professional.

Ben - one of our repair technicians

Every service and class Montavilla provides is backed by the more than three centuries of experience that their team has in the sewing industry. After 65 years of providing the highest quality of products and education for their customers, they employ many of the most qualified, dedicated staff in the business. 

Bringing Main Street to Your Street

In 2012 Brett Moore (CEO) envisioned a place where people everywhere can have access to the products, services and community that make Montavilla such a valuable resource in its own neighborhood. Thus began The Sewing Machine Shop: an internet shop that operates with the same high standards of quality and service as Montavilla Sewing Centers.

Brett Moore is the grandson of Montavilla founder Ed Moore. Brett graduated from Portland State University in 1992 with a degree in Economics and a desire to own and operate his own business. After months of searching for the right business and industry in which to begin his career, Brett decided to buy Montavilla. In 2003 the deal was completed, and he took over as CEO.

As a young and passionate leader Brett purchased the business with plans to give more to the world than just great sewing machines and unrivaled service. And through years of diligent work, he is doing exactly that. Montavilla has become the center of a rich and thriving community of sewing enthusiasts looking to improve their abilities, share tips and discover new ideas. They also offer sewing classes and tutoring to equip young adults with valuable skills for their careers, and for life.

Global Responsibility

With a local business that is already bringing so much positive change to the neighborhood, Brett’s next goal is to do the same thing with The Sewing Machine Shop, on a much larger scale. Partnering with Remember Nhu, a nonprofit organization dedicated to preventing women from entering the sex trade, we have formed a program, Sewing Hope.

Sewing Hope donates sewing machines, supplies and training to girls who would be otherwise at risk of becoming victims of human trafficking. And as a customer of The Sewing Machine Shop, you make it all possible. Here’s How….

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